Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What is Your Favorite Bridge Benefit?

We believe the Salem River crossing project best serves Salem by creating an alternate route across the Willamette River for commuters, commerce, and freight.  We agree that a bridge which connects the Salem Parkway on the east side of the river with Highway 22 on the west side of the river to be the most practical for long term viability.

Major benefits from a new Salem River Crossing include the following:

1) Public Safety
Salem’s existing bridges will not survive a major earthquake that experts say is already overdue.  A new bridge built to modern seismic standards will provide critical access to Salem Hospital and other emergency services in the event of an earthquake or community emergency.

2) Vehicle, Bicycle, Transit, and Pedestrian Transportation Connectivity
A new bridge system in Salem provides direct transportation connections for residents in North and West Salem to have access to Salem’s parks, schools, jobs, and neighborhoods.

3) Relieving Salem Congestion and Improving Livability
Traffic already exceeds capacity on Salem’s two existing bridges during the morning and evening commute.  With bridge traffic expected to increase by 80% in just the next twenty years, Salem residents will be dealing with a traffic nightmare unless a new bridge is built.

4) Promote a Vibrant Downtown
An additional bridge would divert trucks and other traffic around the downtown core, creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment that is better for downtown Salem businesses.

5) Strengthen the Local Economy
A new bridge will help attract and retain manufacturing and agricultural jobs in Marion and Polk counties by allowing businesses to efficiently ship their products to market.  

6) Increased Property Values in North and West Salem
It is proven that transportation connectivity improves access to community amenities and can strengthen the value of property. A new bridge system will create economic opportunities on both sides of the river and property values over time will increase accordingly.

What is Your Favorite Bridge Benefit Above?
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